Just Someone.

I’m just someone.

I’m a somewhere in-between type of person.  Somewhere in between being a grown woman and yet, still growing up.  Somewhere along the way on my life’s journey.

A somehow type of person. Somehow finding a way to be proud of myself while knowing I am capable of so much more. Somehow growing wiser with every dumb mistake.

A sometime type of person. Sometimes feeling unstoppable, sometimes getting in my own way. Sometimes on a route of self discovery that ends at self improvement.

A something type of person. Always finding the meaning in the seemingly meaningless.  The cause, the reason, the ‘something’ in everything around me…everyone around me…everything in me.

I am chaos. I am composure.

Just someone who doesn’t know how to be anyone else but myself.



Explore my poetry.  This is my outlet, not my profession. Read with nonjudgmental eyes and open minds. Cheers.


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